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Hackers Manual Part I

In this post I will directly tell you how to hack with out any kinna non-sense.
Do not copy this post from this blog.

First of all
Explaining some important term in Hacking

Hacking - Hacking is an art of manipulating the computer system to do the certain thing which it has not been designed to do by exploiting the vulnerability or by taking advantage of it's system to exploit other system.

Ethical Hacker - Ethical Hacker also known as White Hat Hackers/Penetration Tester are the certified hacker who check the system for vulnerability(legally) and are paid for their work.

Script kiddie - Script kiddie are those who take advantage of some program/vulnerability to exploit something without knowing it's background and just hack for fun or to show-off. They don't have any hacking knowledge. They all are just a Newbie.

Elite Hacker - Elite Hacker are the experts who have much knowledge about hacking and can hack the very weak system easily and are much experienced in hacking.

Black Hat Hacker - They are the bad-men in hacking who kind of like use their hacking knowledge for illegal purpose much for revanging or for protesting.

Vulnerability - Vulnerability is defined as a weakness in a system/computer program.

Exploits - Exploits are the code which is made to beat up the vulnerability in the system and to get the access in it.

Shell is a graphical interface for browsing remote files and running your own code on a server

Programming - Programming means writing the code for developing your own application. To be a Elite hacker programming is important.

Hacking some weakness.

Weakness in windows (Changing administrator's password)

Step 1- Log on to the limited account and then open the command prompt(Start >> Run >> cmd) then write " net user administrator password " without " sign.
and press ENTER and then log out the limited account and write the "password" in the password box in administrator.
So this  worked in windows XP(Home) I have not tested or used this in other Windows OS.

Unsecured Wireless Router hacking

You can search for wireless network around you can even get some unsecured wireless use it also and with that advantage I am gonna show
you how to hack that.
First off all, open your browser and goto after you get the IP copy it and goto the browser and then paste the ip IP in
address bar it will ask you for username and password write "admin" in both username and in password it is the default configuration of the router.
If it opens you can change the config of the router change the username and password increase the range and other kind of stuff.
If the "admin" process do not work out you can use Brutus( and brute force the username/password.

Running Exploits

Running Perl, Python exploit in windows


Starting with Perl exploits, It pretty easy to run Perl exploit
Follow this steps-

1. Download and install ActivePerl Google search it.
2. Now download a Perl exploit.
3. You should edit the exploit to select the target server, Then save it as “”.
4. Open CMD and change the directory  to where the exploit is using the CD example if exploit is in drive D then use cd d:\ and hit ENTER.
5. Now run the exploit with the command “perl” and see your attack going through.


Now running Python exploit.

1. Download and install Python from its offical site Google search it.
2. Now download a Python exploit.
3. You should edit the exploit to select the target server(as I have said before), Then save it as “”.
4. Open CMD and change the directory  to where the exploit is using the CD command.
5. Now run the exploit with the command “python” and see your attack on the move. Its just the beginning, In Part 2 I may be teaching only Hacking techniques over 10.
Part 2 is in progress(57% complete) If you wanna know any hacking techniques then mail me
To publish the second post, I need 250 Facebook likes and 100+ suscribers(It will only be published after that) So, please help this blog growing
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Happy Hacking.

2 comments to "Hackers Manual Part I"

  • this first part is really interesting........

  • mentioned that right, the first part was really interesting. I would like to give a fast fact about hacking. The term “hack” was first used by US university computing centre staff in the mid-1960s. The context determined whether the complimentary or derogatory meanings were implied. Phrases such as “ugly hack” or “quick hack” generally referred to the latter meaning; phrases such as “cool hack” or “neat hack”, to the former.

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